What Does President Obama’s Chief Economist Want to Do With Estate Taxes?

The US Presidential election in 2012 may have serious impacts on the Federal Estate Taxes.  See what the President’s chief economist said recently, http://wills.about.com/b/2012/01/17/what-does-president-obamas-chief-economist-want-to-do-with-estate-taxes.htm

Don West Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid

This is our first release of the Legacy Pyramid, as with all creations it remains a work in progress. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and all are utilized to help improve future editions. Thank you in advance for sharing your insights on our blog. — A.I.L.E.P.

The Legacy Pyramid is a visual model depicting the core principles that underline the course CREATING YOUR STRATEGIC LEGACY PLAN – A Step-by-Step Course for Impacting Multi-Generational Success and Prosperity.

The methodology incorporates the lessons of numerous scholars, coaches, leaders, researchers and teachers, including: Coach John Wooden and his legendary Pyramid of Success, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Hill, Prentice Mulford, Carl Jung, John Kotre, John Butler Bowdon, Michael Hyatt and James E. Hughes, Jr. to name a few.

The Legacy Pyramid completely incorporates Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and adds principles of Generativity and Families of Affinity.

The Legacy Pyramid is distributed as a service of The American Institute of Legacy & Estate Planning where Don West, Jr. serves as the Associate Director of Education. All Rights Reserved.