Intro to Legacy & Estate Planning – Syllabus

Understanding Generativity

Legacy Defined

What is Legacy Planning?

Introducing The Legacy Pyramid

I Am Not Famous, Do I Have A Legacy?  Who needs Legacy Planning?

What Is Wealth Transfer?

Introduction to Estate Planning

Who Needs to Plan their Estate?

How Legacy Planning & Estate Planning work together

How Estate Taxes Work

Wills & Estate Planning

How to Write a Will

Planning Directives


Trusts and Estate Planning

Types of Trusts

Life Insurance

Charitable Giving

General Gifting

Multi-Generational Philanthropic Programs & Non-Profit Foundations

Long-Term Care Planning

Business Succession Planning

Preserving Family Traditions & History

  • What is a Family of Affinity?
  • Personal Legacy Statements (Ethical Wills)
  • Legacy Letters & Videos
  • Organizing the Family
  • Incorporating the Family
  • Family Meetings and the Board of Directors
  • Family Mission Statements
  • Record Keeping & the Patronage of the Arts
  • Family Libraries

Legacy Planning Tools

  • The Legacy Pyramid
  • Definitive Chief Aims
  • Personal Mission Statements
  • Strategic Life Plans
  • Memoirs & Autobiographies
  • Arts

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