EP-Article: A Candidate’s Tax Return Shows Estate Planning

US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney tax returns show that his family has taken the opportunity to organize and plan for their future generations.  Wonder if their family has a Legacy Plan or a written 100-Year Plan?   You can read this article to see what his tax returns reveal:

American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys Blog http://www.aaepa.com/blog/2012/01/candidates-tax-return-shows-estate-planning/


EP-Article: What the Unification of Gift And Estate Tax Means to You


Some people believe they can give their assets away before they pass and avoid those pesky death taxes on inheritance.  The IRS says, not so fast – we’ve got that covered with this unified gift tax.  See the complete article: //ow.ly/1EMCxm

What Does President Obama’s Chief Economist Want to Do With Estate Taxes?

The US Presidential election in 2012 may have serious impacts on the Federal Estate Taxes.  See what the President’s chief economist said recently, http://wills.about.com/b/2012/01/17/what-does-president-obamas-chief-economist-want-to-do-with-estate-taxes.htm

Tax Report: A New Push to Protect ‘Innocent Spouses’ – WSJ.com










If you are married and file your taxes jointly, then this article may be of interest to you.

Tax Report: A New Push to Protect ‘Innocent Spouses’ – WSJ.com.